The Page-Turning, Pocket-Sized Guide to EVERYTHING
Learn about the rich and storied history of the emerald isle.
Explore the global influence of the Irish people and their fascinating culture.
Feed your Irish pride with tales of Irish awesomeness!


  • How an Irish mill worker invented sneakers
  • That St. Patrick wasn’t actually Irish; he came to Ireland as a slave
  • How Dracula is linked to a cruel Irish Lord and memories of the Famine
  • That the Emerald Isle is only about 3/4 the size of Maine


  • How the Murphy bed was invented by an Irish couple newly arrived in San Francisco
  • Which Irish monument is 600 years older than the Pyramids
  • How Duty-Free shopping started in Ireland
  • Why it should be WhisK-E-Y or it’s not from Ireland

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